⭐ Welcome to the Christmas Elf Service ⭐

Bringing magical fun, mischief and happy memories

Start a NEW family Christmas tradition, that will create happy memories for years to come!
Santa’s chosen us to send out Christmas Elves to children in the UK as a pre-Christmas activity.
The elves’ tasks are to help keep the children entertained, happy and encourage them to be good to get on that all important Good List.
Our Christmas Elf Service Packs come with everything your family needs to start this new Advent Tradition.

Elf Arrives

Action starts right from the delivery of the special parcel on the 1st December. It's full of surprises and activities to keep the children amused, interested and most of all have fun, without realising the 'Big Day' is getting nearer. In addition we have included some suggestions for parents and carers for how the elf might arrive in the information adult pack.

Planning and Adult Info Pack

Before the Elf arrives to the children, the adults can read our Adult Information Pack so you know how the Christmas Elf Service tradition works and the journey the Elf will make.

Magic happens every night...

While the kids are asleep, the magic begins. "The Elves" will travel most nights to visit Santa to tell him how well the children have behaved. When they arrive back home the Elves may not go back to the place where they were left. They may cause mischief for the children to find in the morning and set up an activity or Elf antic!

The end of the Elf's journey

On Christmas Eve the Elves have to fly back with Santa to help make more toys and prepare for next year. However this is not the end as all being well the elf can return next year, to start another lead up to Christmas. And this is where your Christmas Elf Tradition can continue in your family for years to come!

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