About Us and the Christmas Elf Service

About Us and the Christmas Elf Service

The Christmas Elf Service

Bringing Fun, Magic, Belief and Happy Memories!

Our Christmas Elf toy is perfect for starting a new family tradition that will create happy memories for years to come, and that the children may then pass on to their children.

Santa’s chosen us to send out Elves to children in the UK as a pre-Christmas activity. The elves’ tasks are to help keep the children entertained, happy and encourage them to be good. 

Do you remember that long wait for Christmas Day?

How quickly ‘the day’ went by?

Do you remember how early the shops started to promote Christmas?

If only parents had known about the ‘Christmas Elf Service!’

Santa’s little helpers don’t just make toys you know! During the 24 days before Christmas Day they help Santa compile the ‘Nice List’. This means lots of surprising things happen!

Parcel has arrived!


As soon as you have ordered your Elf pack read up on the Adult Eyes Only Information Pack and hide the elf package from the children until the night before the 1st December for the children to find in the morning.

Your package will arrive wrapped in brown paper as to not attract to many prying eyes 🙂

Action starts right from the delivery of the special parcel. Its full of surprises and activities to keep the children amused and interested, without realising the ‘Big Day’ is getting nearer.

We have included some suggestions for parents and carers for how the Elf might arrive in the information adult pack.

The children straight away receive a treat from their new Elf!

Santa has also wrote them a personally addressed letter to them explaining why the Elf is staying with them.

After they have read the letter your new Elf needs a name! Our name suggestions list has loads of Christmas related names

What’s Included in the Elf Toy Pack:

Elf Pack Contents and Price List

Elf Pack Contents and Price List

Magic Happens Every Night….

Once the kids are asleep, the magic begins, “the elves” will travel most nights to visit Santa and tell him how well the children have behaved.

Firstly the ‘elf’ will put sticker on the Behaviour Chart each day depending on whether they have behaved throughout the day.

Next comes the fun (I will be honest the adults will enjoy it as much as the kids!) the Elf can be very mischievous but will also sometimes try to help the children be kept entertained during the next day or offer some advice or praise. The Elf will also never be in the place you left them. This is what we call Elf Antics.

In the adult pack is also some suggestions on the Elf Antics to get you started.

The Very Next Morning……

The children wake up to discover the Elf has been up to something and filled in their behaviour chart! The Elf may have left out a suggestion or an activity for the children to complete during the next day.

Extra Behaved Children

Receive a good behaviour certificate during the Elf’s stay when they behave or have completed something special.

Elf only: Uh Oh!

If the children are not behaving so well during the Elf’s stay, the Elf may have to issue out an Official Elf Warning!

Elf Only: Elf Report

As the children have been reported on by the Elf, it only seemed fair the Elf gets a report card too! This is where the children can fill out their Elf Report Cards and leave them out for Santa to read on Christmas Eve.

The end of the Elf’s journey……

On Christmas Eve the Elf has to fly back with Santa to help make more toys and prepare for next year.

The children are asked to put their Elf back in their box along with the elf passport, elf report card and their own behaviour chart, ready for Santa later that night.

This however is not the end as all being well the Elf can return next year, to start another lead up to Christmas with fun and belief, and this is where your Christmas Elf Family Tradition will continue for years to come and filling your children with ideas and memories they may carry on with their children.

We sell a Refill Pack to replenish your Elf’s box for next year.

Ready to start your family Christmas Elf Tradition? Buy the elf pack at OUR SHOP

Please send us in your Elf stories and pictures so we can share the fun you are having with our readers and customers on our website by emailing us and on our Facebook Page, Christmas Elf Service Facebook

Christmas Elf Toy

Christmas Elf Toy

About Us

Now to tell you about me, Mrs. Elf! That name was given to me after the numerous trips I had made to the Post Office with the Elf parcels, as they ask you “What is inside your parcel?” and I had to tell them that it is, in fact, an Elf.

My real name is Sarah.

I first started the Elves with my children in December 2014. Every night the Elves would play at night and leave out activities for the children to do and to discover in the morning. My two are now 5 and 7. The elves went down really well and helped aid in the behaving up to Christmas to get on Santa’s Good list.

The elves would watch the children during the day and report back to Santa every night. The children wanted to please the elves.

During their last day the elves left the children a present each and a special Elf North Pole Breakfast. The elves then left until they come back for next December.

The elves have now become part of our lives and I wanted to share the joy and excitement we have leading up to Christmas in December with your families so I came up with the Christmas Elf Service! Of course, Santa had to approve what I wanted to do 😉

The pack that I made up was important to me as I wanted to give you as much information as possible so that you could get out as much out of the elves as possible and enjoy them to their fullest.

The kids pack needed to be simpler but exciting for the children to receive.

My background is a trained Nursery Teacher, hence the laminating and very organised adult pack! 🙂 and of course I have my two pickles who are training me as a mum 😉

The Elf packs are suitable for children aged 3 to Adults! Yes even adults can have fun with our pack!

If you would like an Elf Pack or would like more information, click on our Shop Link please do contact us  via Facebook or Contact us page

photo of me

photo of me! 🙂


photo of my family

photo of my family 🙂