Elf Holiday Postcards

Elf Holiday Postcards

Elf Holiday Postcards

Elf Holiday Postcards

Elf Holiday Postcards


holiday postcard elf written

Elf Holiday Postcards Writing

Your family’s Christmas Elf has been on holiday and would like to send the children a little message to let them know that they are thinking about them and what better way then a Elf Holiday Postcard!

As a thank you to all my wonderful customers, this download is completely free, a gift from the Christmas Elf Service.

We try to achieve to give you a complete Christmas Elf Service from advice on what to purchase to sharing your wonderful ideas of Elf Antics every night of December leading up to Christmas Day. We want to make sure your children have as much fun with your Christmas Elf Tradition as much mine are and have been, and make those all important magical happy memories the kids can cherish! And you never know they may then want the same if they have children later on in life.

Thank you again for sticking by us and hope you enjoy your free Christmas Elf Holiday Postcards!

Click here to download: christmas-elf-services-holiday-postcards

Don’t forget to purchase a Refill pack if you haven’t done so yet so you can replenish previous years Elf Packs with a brand new box and new items! See our photographs below of what it is included and the prices.

If you have more than one child you can add a Refill Sibling Add On to your Refill Pack order for each additional child, this can be found in the Shop.

Click here to take you to our Refill Packs section.

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