Christmas Elf Journey Infographic

How to carry out the Elf Tradition

How to carry out the Elf Tradition

Want to know how to do the Christmas Elf Tradition this December with your family?

See our Quick Infographic Image on How to carry out the Elf Tradition with the Christmas Elf Service ……

Christmas Elf Journey Infographic

Christmas Elf Journey Infographic

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Firstly you need to purchase an elf pack either Girl or Boy, our Christmas Elf packs are unisex.

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When the pack arrives you need to hide the children’s box until the 1st December, and read the Adult Eyes Only Information pack, so you can plan and organise your family’s Elf experience.

The Elf arrives on the 1st December. We have included a couple of suggestions in the adult pack, though you may wish to create your own or search on the internet for more.

Sent by Santa to check on the girls and boys behaviour, the elf¬†heads back to the North Pole using his magic each night to report to Santa on the children’s behaviour.

However, sometimes, elf mischief or activities would take place when they return back to your home that night and the children would find the mischief or activities left out for them in the morning when they wake up! This is where your imagination to create magical events for the children take place. Again we have included lots of suggestions for you to try and the internet offers lots more ideas of Elf Antics and Elf Activities.

Finally, on Christmas Eve, he’d report to Santa for the last time and the children report on their elf’s behaviour too with their special Report Card and hitch a ride back to the North Pole … until next year.


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