Easter Bunny Pack Yellow Set

New Easter Bunny Pack

New Easter Bunny Pack

Our New Easter Bunny Pack has arrived and the Bunny Pack product will be on sale from next week!

Following the success of the Christmas Elf Packs from Santa, the Easter Bunny has decided to send out Easter Bunny Friends in a New Easter Bunny Pack to children’s homes. The Easter Friend’s task is to observe the children’s good behaviour over the Easter Period.

Our 4 Easter Bunny Packs

Our 4 Easter Bunny Packs

The Easter Bunny Friend comes in their own box full of Easter gifts and goodies for the children.

The Bunny Friend arrives to the children on Good Friday with a little adult help. They then stay with your family for a week until Friday 1st April. The Easter Bunny Friends then head back to Easter Island until next Easter.

During their stay they keep an eye out for any good, kind behaviour the Easter Friend can report back to the Easter Bunny with.

Every night the Bunny Friend travels back to Easter Island to see the Easter Bunny. However during their travels and when they get back to your home, they may leave out something for the children to discover! Bunny Antics! When the children wake up in the morning the Bunny Friend may also be in hiding some where. Again this is with some adult support.

With all the adult support needed to carry out the Easter Tradition with the Easter Bunny Friend, we only thought it would be fair if we gave you the same support!

When you receive the pack through the post we will also send you an Adult Information Pack!

Easter Bunny Adult Information Pack

Easter Bunny Adult Information Pack

For Adults Eyes Only, the pack contains a Guide Book explaining how to carry out the Easter Bunny Experience, what each pack item is and what it is needed for. We have included some Easter Hunt Clues to help you set out an Easter Hunt on Easter Sunday for your children. They come with 6 Easy Hunt Clues, 6 Harder Hunt Clues and a sheet of blank Easter hunt clues incase you have your own ideas.

Our amazing Easter Activity Pack is great for keeping the children entertained over the Easter Half Term Holidays and for making their Easter that EGG-STRA bit special!

Please note the Easter Friend Toy is only suitable for children 3 years and above, due to small parts on the bunny toy.

Here is our New Easter Bunny Pack contents and price list:

Easter Bunny Pack Set Price List

Easter Bunny Pack Set Price List

To purchase our Easter Gift for your children just click on this link below and choose a colour bunny friend you would like:

Easter Bunny Packs

If you have more than 1 child in your family and don’t want to buy an individual pack for each child, we have a sibling option add on for £4 each additional child. The children share the Bunny Friend toy but have extra items added to pack for each of them, see starred * items on the contents list above and at the link below:

Easter Bunny Pack Sibling Add Ons

If you have any questions or need a custom made order please CONTACT US or you can follow us on our Facebook Page Christmas Elf Service

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